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Scottish Powerchair Football Awards 2020 featuring Connor

Connor wins top goal scorer at the Scottish Powerchair Football Awards
Connor Colhoun playing wheelchair football


Earlier this month saw the annual Scottish Powerchair Football Awards – a celebration of the seasons accomplishments and a chance to recognize
individual achievement. Due to current circumstances the event was virtual and held via Facebook and Twitter. A first for everyone. I had the opportunity to speak with Championship Top Goal Scorer, Connor Colhoun, about the awards evening and his experiences during the pandemic and subsequent shielding.

Connor, 23, from Paisley, plays for Clyde PFC as a centre striker. When asked how winning Top Goal scorer made him feel, he said –

Connor at training pre COVID-19

“Winning Top Goal Scorer made me feel proud. I came so close to winning last year, but, just missed out. I’m pleased that my hard work and determination paid off – I couldn’t have done it without my teammates though. The icing on the cake would have been to go ahead and win the league with Clyde PFC – unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be. We (Clyde PFC) finished second though, which is an achievement in itself.”

Due to current rules and regulations the awards ceremony wasn’t able to go ahead in it’s usual capacity. So, it was decided that the awards would be held via social media. Connor said –

“It was really strange having the awards over social media, especially as we didn’t get to see any of our teammates and other friends. I understand that it was the only way we could have the awards due to the current situation.”

A vast majority of players have been shielding during the pandemic – Connor being one of them.

“I’ve managed to keep myself quite busy during shielding. I play Fifa which gives me a small football fix whilst I’m unable to play Powerchair Football. I’ve also managed to build a Lego White House during lockdown, that kept me occupied for a while.

“Now that shielding is over, for the time being at least, I’ve been able to see my fiancée which has been awesome.”

Connor holding hands with fiancée
Connor with his fiancée

The current feeling of uncertainty has made a lot of us think about our futures and reflect on our lives. Many asking themselves the generic interview question “Where do you see yourself in five years time?”. I felt it was only appropriate to ask Connor where he sees himself in five years time, regarding football.

“In five years time I hope to be competing for the Premiership title – there’s lots of work to do, but, I believe me and my teammates can do it.

“I also have aspirations to play for the Scotland National team – that’s a huge goal of mine looking to the future.”

[At the time of writing] current government restrictions and guidelines mean a return to Powerchair Football isn’t possible just yet. It’s still unclear what a return to Powerchair Football will look like in the (hopefully) not so distant future.

Covid-19 has given many people the clarity to realise exactly what Powerchair Football means to them and what a massive part of their lives it has become. I’ve spoken to many players and coaches who have all felt the impact of being unable to take part in the sport they love – it’s as important as ever that the football community stays connected in
this time of uncertainty.

One thing is for certain. Powerchair Football will return and with it a fire of the likes we haven’t experienced in months.

For a full list of the Scottish Powerchair Football Award winners, visit – https://thespfa.org/

Stay connected. Stay safe.

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