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CREATE: My Pandemic Story – Sarah

There were a few events to celebrate whilst I was shielding so in lieu of buying cards, I decided to make them.
Handmade card with cut out fireman sam in the centre. Yellow helmet, blue jacket and yellow trousers. A red and white candy striped straw along the left side.

Sarah’s Pandemic Story

This is fourth article in the CREATE series, where we are sharing creativity, productivity and positivity that has emerged in our communities during lockdown and whilst shielding. Sarah shares with us two activities that kept her away from the box sets; card-making and poetry.

There’s only so much TV I can watch… here are some things I did during Lockdown that helped keep me on an even keel.


There were a few events to celebrate whilst I was shielding so in lieu of buying cards, I decided to make them. I have been using the paper quilling technique for a good few years and I chose this to make two cards: one for Mothering Sunday and one for my eldest Nephew’s birthday. These days I have to be aware of the toll such activities take on joints and muscles so I used a little-and-often approach and started in good time. Another card I made was for Nephew number 2, this time I improvised with a drinking straw, some Christmas tag string and printed clipart. It really helped me to have a routine and was something nice to do for loved ones when we weren’t able to celebrate as usual. 

Handmade card with a jar painted with water colours with a label reading 'With Love on Mothering Sunday' and 3 pink flowers poking out of the top made from paper quilling


An activity that didn’t require so much energy was writing poems, mainly limericks. Another charity I support were looking for fundraising volunteers to do 10 things over 10 days. I chose to write poetry rather than a physical activity. I love language and word play, puns and rhymes so not only was this a worthwhile deed, but also a favourite pastime and a definite distraction to Covid! Some I came up with in minutes and others required a lot of revisiting and tweaking. The only trouble was I found myself drifting into a weird rhyming vortex in my quiet moments – it beat watching the news I guess?!!

An example of one I created:

Advisers are working at home on the phone,
But things a are in place so they don’t feel alone,
In “hangouts” they natter,
On Whats App there’s chatter, 
In lockdown, no one should feel on their own.

And one I’ve just penned for Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance (well I had to, didn’t I?):

Pathfinders relaunched last week,
Wider membership hoping to seek,
A Neuromuscular Alliance,
On the shoulders of giants,
We’ll create a group somewhat unique!

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What is your pandemic story? Tell us about what you’ve created during Covid 19, and how it’s made you feel.

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