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Rhys Bowler awarded Pathfinders’ first monthly honours!

On 20th January 2021, Rhys Bowler became the first person to be awarded the Pathfinders Monthly Honours Award! 

He was given this award for all of his hard work in campaigning to get personal health budgets in Wales and he’s spoken openly on many subjects surrounding disability. And he’s currently in talks with the BBC about filming a documentary on sex and disability! Always determined to get through barriers, Rhys showed the importance of fighting to get your human right.

A fantastic member of the neuromuscular community will grab the spotlight each month due to their hard work too. Who will you nominate?!

In light of receiving the award Rhys gave us a few words about achieving Pathfinders first monthly honours and what it meant to him as someone pushing personal independence.

“Im very honored and surprised to receive this award. It means a lot to me to know that you guys at Pathfinders support my campaign for the Welsh PHB! allowing others like us to have freedom and independence the run their lives a they want, to be equal to England and Scotland in terms of care. It means that my work has been recognise pushing me to greater heights and achievements in the future from this I sincerely thank you”. Rhys Bowler.

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