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What to pack for Hospital stays?

Our Development Worker Sanjeev gives us his thoughts on Hospital visits and HIS bag when staying overnight.
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Our Development Worker Sanjeev gives us his thoughts on Hospital visits and HIS bag when staying overnight.

Over the last year or so I’ve unfortunately had 3 hospital stays, all of which for different infections from UTIs to random unknown infections, where nobody really knew what was wrong.

Obviously going into hospital isn’t a great feeling and it can get you down, but remember at the end of the day, it’s going to make you feel better at the end. It’s to keep mentally positive.

Generally, when I get taken in, I pack important essentials like a toothbrush, extra clothes for overnight, ventilators, and things that are important for my health. Don’t forget your toiletry bag. I always have a secondary bag ready so It’s always ready to go whenever I need it. It saves rushing about and forgetting certain small things that are really important, especially when there isn’t time to pack.

One thing I would definitely take for the first night is headphones – after you’ve been admitted, filled out forms and had checks you’ll be tired. So, for me personally chilling out with my headphones on, calms me down and really helps my mood. So, if you’re into music then I definitely suggest headphones are quite important for your visit. The next day I usually collect items like laptops. One thing you might not think of is an HDMI cable which means you can link up your laptop to a TV if you have got one available (hopefully you’ll be in a room to yourself). By doing this, you can hopefully use the internet and watch your favourite movies or TV shows on Netflix or any other streaming sites on a TV rather than your phone/tablet.

Normally the first day I go in, I presume I’m going to get out the next day which is maybe a good and a bad thing. So typically, I take things like laptops, cables, and other electronics that should entertain me the next day. – All of this depends on how far the hospital is from your home and the situation, what doctors say, and the time you’ll be in. Also, when you get to the hospital insist on your carer/PA/family or whatever support you have on the day to go with you if possible. This is vital in making sure that you are safe and your journey through the hospital goes to plan without hiccups and stress. I’m sure most of you already know the benefits and It makes it easier for personal care and moving and handling – because hospital staff might not be used to certain conditions such as Duchenne.

Usually, after admission there’s a lot of waiting about for doctors, nurses to visit and do their rounds so be prepared to wait a good few hours before being seen unless it’s serious. Try not to get anxious about what the doctors are going to say or what could be wrong. It is important to relax and not get worked up about being in hospital. It’s a normal thing so don’t get too stressed about what’s going on. Try and take something handheld to keep you entertained like your phone, Gameboy, PS vita, etc.

As long as you are prepared you should be ok and hopefully avoid a bit of boredom and makes your hospital visit slightly better. Don’t forget your health is the most important thing!

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