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Congratulations to our volunteer Ryan Dack! You’ve won our May Monthly Honours!

Our amazing volunteer Ryan Dack has contributing as a volunteer for Pathfinders over the passed few months and has been doing an excellent job blogging, social media as well writing up our Quiz! 

He has been especially recognised for his voluntary work with Pathfinders, particularly during the recent Mental Health Awareness week. Ryan produced some great content throughout the week including, posts, vital information and a very personal story about his mental health journey!

Here’s what Ryan had to say about being part of the team, his role, what he enjoys about the job, why you should consider volunteering for Pathfinders and the importance of Mental Health Awareness Week:

“I’ve volunteered  for Pathfinders since the start of the pandemic last year. It wasn’t until recently that I took on an official volunteering role. I wanted to volunteer as I found that I was bored during the days and didn’t really have a purpose in life. 

“My role in pathfinders is predominantly social media driven. I have a degree in journalism so I often find myself putting pieces together to then be added to the website and shared on the appropriate social media accounts.

“In terms of what I enjoy most about volunteering. It’s nice to have a sense of purpose and just to be doing something with my time and keeping my mind spry (as I am getting on a little now!). I’ve gained a lot from volunteering for Pathfinders, before I was involved I found myself lacking motivation to do much of anything. I found that I was stuck in a rut of doing the same thing day in day out -I often felt guilty for watching Netflix all day! Pathfinders helped me get that motivation back and rid me of the guilt of relaxing. 

“If you’re considering volunteering for Pathfinders I’d urge you to just go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? Everyone is friendly and the hours are really flexible, you can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Give it a go. 

“I felt it was important for Pathfinders to recognise Mental Health Awareness Week as it’s something we all have in common. If you haven’t suffered with mental health issues you’re at least likely to know someone who has struggled. Mental health isn’t always taken as seriously as it should/could, I feel it’s important that we normalise talking about it.”

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