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Welcome to the Pathfinders team Adam!

Adam Langley, a headshot of a white man with short brown hair and black glasses

A very warm welcome to our new employee Adam Langley. he will be joining us very soon as Social Media and Digital Creation Associate on a full-time basis for 6 months. You probably recognise the face from a recent Pathfinders event, Adam hosted a gaming event alongside Ryan a couple of months ago. Here is what he had to say about joining the team!

“Working with Pathfinders allows me to work as part of a team, connect with members and develop my knowledge on social media trends and software. I’m looking forward to providing digital content for the Pathfinders social media channels and website, showcasing the skills I have developed and encouraging new and existing members to take part in events.”

As our Social Media & Digital Creation Associate, Adam will be setting up posts across platforms to promote Pathfinders, our events, articles and awareness. About his role, Adam said:

“My role involves a wide range of tasks including designing content for social media, engaging with members 1-on-1, helping out in online events, and encouraging member participation.

“I hope to improve my confidence, communication skills, and experience in software and how to best use social media to its advantage, not just for myself but for the charity as well.”

We look forward to seeing more from him in the upcoming months. Outside of Pathfinders, Adam is an avid gamer and enjoys streaming content on Twitch regularly in his spare time.

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