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Are you a blogger? Do you like streaming? Is talking to camera your favourite kind of conversation? Then you’re what we’re looking for

Our new training programme supports PAs to learn how to better work with their employer to support them as a person with a muscle-weakening condition. It is taught across thirteen modules, delivered individually and as part of an online conference. We are looking for a confident, outgoing person to develop and present the thirteen 20 minute PA training modules. They will interview a range of people with muscle-weakening conditions and topic experts.

Applications for presenter close midnight Sunday 10th October and interviews will be Weds 13th Oct, 12pm-4pm

You should be:

You should have

This is a freelance / self-employed role. 

In this programme there are 13 modules. We anticipate each of these taking 6 hours of discussion and filming (for a final 20 minutes of content per PA training module, with a further anticipated 52 hours of meetings and project management time. The total fee is £1500

This work will be done by mutual arrangement 4th Oct- 23rd Dec 2021. You may be offered further work Jan-March, but this is not guaranteed

Role outline:

You will:

The modules are

1. Introduction to neuromuscular conditions & the role of a PA

1.1 General neuromuscular conditions – an introduction to neuromuscular conditions

1.2 Independence and the social model of disability

1.3 Neuromuscular conditions and common emergencies

1.4 Common equipment used by people with neuromuscular conditions

2. Common aspects of neuromuscular conditions

2.1 Ventilation

2.2 Posture, skin, and positioning

2.3 Swallowing and nutrition

2.4 Physiotherapy and exercise

3. Being an effective PA

3.1 Working in someone’s home and workplace

3.2 Supporting disabled parents

3.3 Respect, intimacy and personal care

3.4 Supporting people with sex and relationships

3.5 Supporting people with their emotional health

To apply

There is no right or wrong answer here. We just want to see how you think, engage, and present your thoughts and ideas