Mark Chapman and another electric wheelchair user in conversation

Do you have knowledge you long to share? Are you happy chatting on camera? Get in touch!

Pathfinders are looking for a panel of contributors for our PA training course. Contributors will give us their thoughts and ideas on the modules we are developing and contribute to the modules through video-interviews with the presenter.

This programme supports PAs to learn how to better work with their employer to support them as a person with a muscle-weakening condition. We will teach this course across thirteen modules, both delivered individually and as part of an online conference. 

You should be:

You should have

This role is freelance / self-employed. 

There are 13 modules. We anticipate this project running over 12 weeks (from 4th October). You will attend planning meetings. We will pay per project meeting you attend and per video-module you participate in. The exact rate is TBC depending on number of contributors.

We will structure the work by mutual arrangement 4th Oct- 23rd Dec 2021. We may offer further work Jan-March, but cannot guarantee this.

Role outline:

Dependent on your availability, you will:

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