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Fleur Perry is our January monthly honours!

A green background. On the left is a polaroid-style image of Fleur Perry, a white woman in a black electric wheelchair, with light coloured hair, glasses, and a t-shirt with five coloured zigzag vertical stripes. On the right of the image it says "Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance Monthly Honours award for January 2022 is awarded to Fleur Perry

This month, our Honours go to the absolutely fantastic Fleur Perry! 

As Fleur joins me for our Zoom Interview, I notice a change. Not in Fleur ; she’s the same, smiling, happy go lucky, relentless woman I’ve known for some years now. It’s me that’s changed. I’m completely put at ease by her, hanging on each word, actually listening and engaging, even agreeing on many aspects. And that’s how Fleur tackles some of the biggest issues facing disabled people in the modern world ; through her charm, intelligence and her ability to outrun the Duracell Bunny. 

Fleur Perry, self-confessed resident nuisance, joined Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance as a member when the core membership was expanded to include other Neuromuscular Conditions. 

“I liked the peer support aspect,” She says, “With everyone giving advice from real life experiences and asking questions, or coming up with new ideas and information that is vital. Especially with everything going on. We need that.”

Fleur wouldn’t be incorrect with that statement either. With ever growing Covid -19 concerns, it’s vital that we have the tools to provide the doctors, nurses and care workers for them to provide us with the best, appropriate care. Since joining Pathfinders, Fleur has relentlessly charged headlong through campaigns, such as fighting for the right of a care worker to accompany their employer in hospital should admission be necessary, a measure that was removed during the pandemic. 

Outside of that, Fleur has been involved with securing vital respiratory equipment for people who have a need for it and every campaign that requires her expertise. All to great success. But how does she do it? 

“If you’re writing for an audience, you’ve got to think about their Level of knowledge and how to get that point across without too many learning bumps.”

In other words, it’s by connecting with people on their level and helping them to understand the issues that make a difference to them and the wider community. 

“It’s all independent living and making things work sensibly.” 

Despite her modesty and claiming that the countless campaigns she’s been involved with are her hobby, she does have some interests on her down time; reading and writing among them. On top of all the campaigning and lobbying, she also managed to complete a Law Degree which adds to her arsenal of tricks.  So, come next March, lobbyists beware, the honourable Fleur Perry is heading for the bar.

Written by Anthony Price

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