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Our April Monthly Honours goes to Tanvi Vyas!

It’s that time again, when the Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance Monthly Honours award goes out to someone in the community. This person deserves recognition for not only the work they have done, but the projects they have still to come. When I saw this month’s award, I couldn’t think of another person more deserving. This time the award goes to Tanvi Vyas Brady. 

“Improving services and living the best life I can for as long as I can is what is important to me. Charities help to highlight this, take action to make this happen and focus minds.”

For those of you that have been around for a while, you may recognise Tanvi from her work as a volunteer with the Muscular Dystrophy Trailblazers arm of Muscular Dystrophy UK. She is still very much involved there, having been a trustee for three years.  And it’s here where I first met the bright, bubbly personality beaming back at me on the screen. 

Equality Consultancy and Training

Tanvi is a freelance Disability Equality Consultant and Trainer. She has a particular interest in improving access to transport, leisure and the built environment. 

“I think I do what I do because it aims to dispel myths and provide practical solutions. I genuinely love seeing transformations happen. Organisations and individuals can constantly learn, evolve and make changes by doing things a little differently. If it can improve access for others so they feel included and as though access is a non-event- that’s even better.”

Tanvi is a member of the Department for Transport’s Disabled Person’s Transport Advisory Committee, where she leads the Aviation subgroup. She is also a member of Network Rail’s Built Environment Accessibility Panel. Tanvi is passionate about highlighting solutions to existing challenges, and about how investment can lead to positive change. She is keen to embed diversity, access and inclusion in policy and practice.  Tanvi aims to raise the profile of challenges faced by disabled people and has appeared on national and regional television, radio, online and in print. 

An active life

It would be easy to assume that Tanvi ‘s entire time is spent advising businesses and government organisations, however, that’s far from the truth. In her spare time Tanvi enjoys swimming, travelling with her husband Dan and attending seated Zumba, yoga and Tai Chi classes. That’s on top of her future projects where Tanvi has been appointed as a member of Heathrow’s Access Advisory Panel. 

“As people start feeling a bit more confident to travel again, there will be challenges but it’s a huge honour and opportunity to play a part.”

When it came to the nominations this month, there was a true, clear-cut choice of who should get the award. I, for one, can’t think of a more compassionate, hard-working and dedicated a person. Congratulations, Tanvi. 

Written by Anthony Price

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