Hayleigh Barclay’s Girl of the Ashes

When I was growing up, there wasn’t many depictions of disability in the media, and when there was it was often a pity party or a token storyline. Nowadays, things are getting better – slowly, very slowly. But we still need more representation and inclusion of disabled characters in all forms of media. For the […]

University of Adaptation

Female Doctor Hayleigh Barclay with light brown hair and blue eyes, dressed smart and smiling with black and white tint.

BY HAYLEIGH BARCLAY This time five years ago I was in the middle of writing my proposal to be accepted onto the Doctorate program at the University of Glasgow. I decided to undertake the Creative Writing course after completing a BA and MA in subjects specialising in writing, directing, and producing for TV and film […]

My Health

Chest diagram on dark blue background with bright orange lungs.

Bobby Shearer is back for even deeper dive into the things he needs to do to stay healthy, after talking about life with a trache last summer.


lots of packets of love heart sweets

Hayleigh is back with another guide on how to make the most of occasions in lockdown. This time it’s Valentine’s!


Christmas market lit up at night with giant ferris wheel and Christmas tree.

BY HAYLEIGH BARCLAY Today I woke up convinced that time travel had been discovered. It’s December, but yesterday it was June and despite posting about it on Twitter, nobody could tell me how that happened. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but I’m not saying it’s not either. All I know is that for the […]

A Powerful Light

Brown haired, brown eyed male wheelchair user with glasses, wearing patterned grey scarf in lounge. Beige lighting.

Mark Chapman has been a beacon of hope for us all. Here’s Jon’s special message for a legend.

Life Is Limitless

Brown haired, brown eyed female wheelchair user smiling in kitchen, wearing inggreen, blue, black and white striped blouse.

What a fantastic campaigner Fi Anderson is! Please give her a warm welcome as one of our new trustees.

Lucy Watts MBE joins us!

Lucy Watts with assistance dog Molly

We are extremely pleased to announce another new trustee, read Lucy’s first blog where she introduces herself.

Life With An Assistance Dog

White woman with blonde hair and brown eyes in a wheelchair, wearing a grey coat and brown bobble hat posing with a large black dog in front of white fairy lights.

We’ll be hearing from Canine Partners at our Winter Miniconf and here’s Chloe Bellotti’s lovely story about having an assistance dog.