Our July Monthly Honours goes to Lizzie Baily

Pathfinders Monthly Honours image, titled "Monthly Honours". On the left is a polaroid style image with a picture of Lizzie Baily, a white woman with blonde hair in an electric wheelchair, with the Pathfinders logo and a yellow trophy below it. On the right it says "Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance Monthly Honours Award for July 2022 is awarded to Lizzie Baily". At the bottom is the Pathfinders logo

Lizzie Baily is this month’s Monthly Honours awardee. This is in recognition of her fantastic work organising and running a craft club and regular inclusive family days. About Lizzie Baily Lizzie has been a supporter and member of Pathfinders. She joined after a friend who also has Congenital MD, the same condition as her, introduced […]

Our June Monthly Honours goes to Ruth Everard

On Ruth Everard, by Sarah Rose This month, the name Ruth Everard dropped into my email inbox as the Monthly Honours Winner. At first, it really didn’t click in my brain that I’d be interviewing one of the disabled community’s genuine celebrities. However, the name stuck and after a quick bit of research, I found […]

Our May Monthly Honours goes to James Parkin!

By ANTHONY PRICE When it comes to passion, I know few with as much of it for raising awareness andunderstanding of life with a neuromuscular condition and promoting independence as theman sitting in frame on my PC screen, James Parkin. He is the recipient of this month’sPathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance Honours and the creative mind behind […]

Our April Monthly Honours goes to Tanvi Vyas!

It’s that time again, when the Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance Monthly Honours award goes out to someone in the community. This person deserves recognition for not only the work they have done, but the projects they have still to come. When I saw this month’s award, I couldn’t think of another person more deserving. This time […]

You Can Care Week

From the 21st to the 28th of February, Pathfinders is celebrating ‘You Can Care Week’! The awareness week aims to highlight the brilliant people working in the care sector and to encourage more people to join.  This is especially important in 2022, as we recover from the pandemic and start to get back on the […]

Fleur Perry is our January monthly honours!

A green background. On the left is a polaroid-style image of Fleur Perry, a white woman in a black electric wheelchair, with light coloured hair, glasses, and a t-shirt with five coloured zigzag vertical stripes. On the right of the image it says "Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance Monthly Honours award for January 2022 is awarded to Fleur Perry

This month, our Honours go to the absolutely fantastic Fleur Perry!  As Fleur joins me for our Zoom Interview, I notice a change. Not in Fleur ; she’s the same, smiling, happy go lucky, relentless woman I’ve known for some years now. It’s me that’s changed. I’m completely put at ease by her, hanging on […]

Five tips to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s all well setting your New Year’s Resolutions – but how are you going to keep them? It’s not just you who struggles to keep your resolutions – most of us probably do. With 2022 round the corner, why not read our article on “Five ideas for New Year’s Resolutions”, and work out what yours […]

Five ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

With 2022 fast approaching, do you know what New Year’s resolutions you’ll be focussing on this year? Here are five areas to consider – health, finance, culture, skills and your social life – so why not set one resolution in each area if you’re not sure. Health Remember, your health is the most important thing […]

Benjamin James receives our Monthly Honours for December!

This month Benjamin is being recognised for contributions amongst the Duchenne community, in particular work on research projects and dedication to highlighting the needs of adults with a neuromuscular condition. He has been involved with Pathfinders for some time including as a trustee for a few years. He saw being on the board as a […]