Our August Monthly Honours goes to Jon Rey-Hastie!

On the left is a photo of Jon Rey-Hastie with a shirt that says f**k your pity, on a green background which says Monthly Honours Award for August 2022.

Here I am, another Pathfinder’s Neuromuscular Alliance monthly Honours newsletterinterview to bring to you. This month is a rather special one and I feel honoured myself to begiven the task of carrying out the interview. Sitting opposite me is a man you should allknow as our much loved, former CEO and Co-founder, Mr Jon Rey-Hastie. […]

Our July Monthly Honours goes to Lizzie Baily

Pathfinders Monthly Honours image, titled "Monthly Honours". On the left is a polaroid style image with a picture of Lizzie Baily, a white woman with blonde hair in an electric wheelchair, with the Pathfinders logo and a yellow trophy below it. On the right it says "Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance Monthly Honours Award for July 2022 is awarded to Lizzie Baily". At the bottom is the Pathfinders logo

Lizzie Baily is this month’s Monthly Honours awardee. This is in recognition of her fantastic work organising and running a craft club and regular inclusive family days. About Lizzie Baily Lizzie has been a supporter and member of Pathfinders. She joined after a friend who also has Congenital MD, the same condition as her, introduced […]

Chloe Timms on publishing her first novel

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. As a child I’d fold pieces of paper in half, illustrate the front cover and write stories about my friends and boys I fancied. Writing is a great leveller, and as a disabled child unable to do ballet or play sports like my non-disabled friends, […]


Black and white photo with a solitary tree

Loneliness can be a strange thing. You can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely, sometimes painfully so. Let’s try and explore why this may be the case. I believe that one of the problems may be that people tend to treat being alone the same as being lonely. I don’t think that this […]

Freelance – Tanvi’s Top 5 Tips

5 top tips for Freelancers Tanvi. Green background with white text. White circular pathfinders logo in the top right and a photo of an asian women with long dark hair, wearing a black jumper with white flowers, in a circular frame in the bottom left hand corner

Going freelance just over five years ago was one of the best decisions I made. It can work really well for some people. Balancing lots of spinning plates is a challenge for most. Adding a long term neuromuscular condition into the mix can mean it’s tricky to keep a balance between work, health, relationships and […]

Strategic Plan: Pathfinders 2022-23

Every year, Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance creates a plan for the work we’re doing over the upcoming year. The Strategic Plan helps us focus on our main priorities for the next year. If you want to read the full document, you can download the full .pdf document here (link). Otherwise, read on to find out more […]

Our June Monthly Honours goes to Ruth Everard

On Ruth Everard, by Sarah Rose This month, the name Ruth Everard dropped into my email inbox as the Monthly Honours Winner. At first, it really didn’t click in my brain that I’d be interviewing one of the disabled community’s genuine celebrities. However, the name stuck and after a quick bit of research, I found […]

UpLift Project Officially Launches!

You may have noticed over the past few months, Pathfinders has been talking more about young people. That is because we have been working away in the background on our exciting new project called UpLift! We were awarded funding by The National Lottery Community Fund to deliver a project focused on the young people in […]

A new chapter for Pathfinders as I step down

BY JON REY-HASTIE The time has come for a change! I have decided to move on from my CEO role at Pathfinders after 5 ½ years, in order to pursue new challenges and opportunities. It is with great pride that I look upon Pathfinders now and how far we have come from our humble beginnings. […]