Meet the Team


DMD Pathfinders was co-founded in 2014 by Mark Chapman (now Honorary President) and Jon Hastie (now CEO) after working together for several years on a transition programme for young people with Duchenne, run by Action Duchenne. Through this project, a need was identified for an independent organisation to act as the voice of adults, sharing information and campaigning for better support and services.

In 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid loss of services for many people living with neuromuscular conditions, DMD Pathfinders took the decision to rebrand itself as Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance and to focus on working with and representing people with all neuromuscular disorders, not simply Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Read more about our staff and trustees below:

Staff team

Close up of Jon Rey-Hastie CEO of Pathfinders smiling at the camera

Jon Rey-Hastie is the joint CEO and one of the co-founders of Pathfinders. Jon lives independently in Reading in his own flat, with his husband and supported by a team of PAs. Jon completed his PhD in 2008 and has since worked for a number of disability charities and as a local government officer. Jon enjoys gaming, travel and cocktails!

Jamie Hale - Co-CEO

Jamie Hale is the joint CEO. They live independently in London with their partner and dog, supported by PAs. Jamie is studying for a MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health at UCL, and has a background in disability arts (running emerging d/Deaf and disabled theatre company CRIPtic), and in health and social care policy and research. Jamie enjoys the arts, cooking, gaming, and travel.

Mitch Coles with in a room with wood panelled walls

Mitch Coles is a Development Worker for Pathfinders. Mitch lives in Bristol with his two kids and his dog. He is a regular blogger and enjoys spending time with his family.

Head and shoulders of a young man with full beard and mustache with short dark hair and black rimmed glasses. Sat in a wheelchair in the garden wearing a red football shirt

Sanjeev Mann is a Development Worker for Pathfinders, produces the newsletters, and helps run events, quizzes and fundraising. Sanjeev is also a writer, radio-journalist, and content creator for BBC The Social. With a MA in Media, he has produced content on everything from gaming and socialising to marijuana legalisation and disability rights. He is passionate about access and the representation of disabled people in film, news broadcasting, and the media. Sanjeev loves socialising and there’s a good chance you’ll spot him in your local!

Image of Cath

Cath McNicol is an Engagement Officer for Pathfinders, and keeps in touch with members and partners, puts on online events, and encourages members to produce content for our website. She also works on a project that gives young people the skills to put on their own online events for Pathfinders. In her free time, she is  a trustee for the Wheelchair Football Association and coaches and plays at a club in Middlesbrough. She loves to travel and, with her partner, is currently having a go at a self build campervan.

Suzanne with blonde hair in a black wheelchair wearing a wedding dress

Suzanne Glover is the research officer for Pathfinders. She lives in a small town in Northern Ireland with her husband, Colin and their Greyhound, Peggy. Suzanne completed her PhD in March 2021 which looked at resilience in those who care for someone with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Her current project in Pathfinders is researching transition to adulthood for young men with DMD. Suzanne enjoys getting out and about with Colin and Peggy for walks, particularly around National Trust properties and she is a massive fan of tea drinking!
 Kate wearing a red jumper with long brown hair in an electric wheelchair
Kate Mellor is the Campaign Assistant. She has a degree in Digital Media Design and loves everything to do with theatre, film, and television. Kate lives independently with a team of agency carers and when circumstances allow, she loves travelling.
Adam Langley, a headshot of a white man with short brown hair and black glasses

Adam Langley is a Social Media & Digital Creation Associate for Pathfinders. Adam lives in Nottinghamshire with his twin brother Sam. In 2019 Adam graduated in Information Technology BSc (Hons) at the University of Derby. He enjoys Powerchair Football, listening to music, drinking socially, gaming and streaming.                                                                             Rositta Priestley, a white woman with long reddish hair wearing a red shirt in front of a plain background                            





Rositta Priestley Rositta Priestley is the Executive Assistant to the joint CEOs where she uses her admin skills and experience to streamline various processes. With a passion for supporting equality in all areas of life, Rositta coaches neurodiverse individuals and refugee entrepreneurs in a voluntary capacity at two charities. Living in South East London, Rositta is very creative and loves plants and trees.

Honorary President

Close up of Mark Chapman's head and shoulders looking towards the camera

Mark Chapman is the Honorary President and one of the co-founders of Pathfinders. Mark lives independently in Edinburgh in his own flat, employing a team of PAs to support him. Mark has volunteered for many years for a range of disability and neuromuscular charities. He has an active social life and enjoys travel, theatre and spending time with friends.

Chairs of Trustees

Daniel Baker wearing blue sunglasses sitting in front of a pier with water and a clear blue sky behind him

Daniel Baker is a co-Chair of Trustees and has been a trustee of Pathfinders since 2016. Daniel lives in Gloucestershire and is a keen amateur photographer, blogger and actor. Daniel holds a BSc(Hons) in Applied Physics from Oxford Brookes University. Daniel enjoys gaming, comic conventions and spending time with family and friends.

Lucy Watts with assistance dog Molly

Lucy Watts MBE is a co-Chair of Trustees and has been a trustee of Pathfinders since 2020. Lucy lives in Essex with her mother and a team of PAs and nurses. She has worked on national and international palliative care policy, and national NHS policy, as well as running her own business. Lucy enjoys making videos and films, and spending time with her assistance dog Molly.