Training for PAs and carers

Specialist PA and carer training on people with muscle-weakening conditions

If you use PAs or carers you’ll know how crucial it is that they’re well-trained – and Pathfinders is launching our training modules – open to everyone, with content exploring the PA role, and the needs of people with muscle-weakening conditions. 

Designed for PAs, they’re open to everyone – and free of charge.


Does your independence rely on a well trained team of PAs or carers? 
Are you training new staff? 
Or do you want to equip your existing team with a better understanding of how muscle-weakening conditions affect people?

From modules on independence to sex and relationships, swallowing to physiotherapy, whether your interest is in specific knowledge or a better understanding of disability, we have something for you in this series.
This training has been designed and led by people with muscle-weakening conditions, giving PAs a chance to learn from a wide range of people with different experiences, alongside subject experts from a wide range of disciplines.
Each module comes with a quiz and certificate of completion, giving evidence of transferrable knowledge and skills, enabling professional and career development for PAs who take these modules. 

While they were developed for people employed as PAs and carers of people with muscle-weakening conditions, with content exploring everything from the wider PA role and emotional health to a better understanding of muscle-weakening conditions, there’s something there for everyone. Whether you’ve got a muscle-weakening condition yourself and want to understand more about how other people manage, you’ve got a friend or family member with one, or you have a completely different condition and want to know more about how people manage their PAs, why not sign up for one or more modules now?

These modules are run by Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance, who issue the certificates of completion, and their development was supported and funded by Skills for Care.


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