Training for PAs

Specialist PA and Carer Training on people with muscle-weakening conditions

Registration is open for our exclusive, paid,  training conferences for your PAs and carers to earn-while-they-learn about working with people with muscle-weakening conditions.

This training has been designed and led by and for people with muscle-weakening conditions, and features experts on everything from swallowing to parenting. 


Register your PAs on this course

If you are a PA you can register by emailing PAtrainingcourse@pathfindersalliance.org.uk or filling in the PA form (link).

If you are an employer, you can register your PAs interest by filling in the employer form (link).

Places are very limited, so if you want your PAs to register, please encourage them to do so now. You are entitled to have as many PAs registered for the course as you  wish. We can reimburse up to £15/hr to cover the costs of their attending the course.


More about the conferences

We will be holding three 3-day online training conferences for PA’s and Carers in May 2022. These conferences will feature educational videos covering a variety of topics from supporting individuals with mental health to swallowing and nutrition, along with live activities and discussions led by individuals with muscle-weakening conditions. Each training conference will also have quizzes and upon completion you will be presented with a certificate to show off your accomplishments.

Conference 1:   12pm – 4pm,    Fri-Sun 6th, 7th & 8th May

Conference 210am – 2pm,   Tues-Thurs 10th, 11th, & 12th May

Conference 35pm – 9pm,      Mon-Weds 16th, 17th, & 18th May


Single day conferences

We are also offering this material in single-day conferences – so if you only want your PA to attend one of these days, they are now able to book into it. Certificates and reimbursement will be available per completed unit (up to £60)!

  • Introduction to neuromuscular conditions (runs three times): 
    • 1. Fri 6th May from 12pm-4pm
    • 2. Tues 10th May from 10am-2pm
    • 3. Mon 16th May from 5pm-9pm
  • Common aspects of neuromuscular conditions (runs three times): 
    • 1. Sat 7th May from 12pm-4pm
    • 2. Weds 11th May from 10am-2pm
    • 3. Tues 17th May from 5pm-9pm
  • Being an effective PA (runs three times): 
    • 1. Sun 8th May from 12pm-4pm
    • 2. Thurs 12th May from 10am-2pm
    • 3. Wed 18th May from 5pm-9pm


PAs can register by emailing PAtrainingcourse@pathfindersalliance.org.uk or filling in the PA form (link)

Alternatively, if you are an employer, you can register your PAs interest by filling in the employer form (link).

Check out and share this downloadable PA Registration Advert, and employers please feel free to utilise this Email Template!


Taking individual modules

The PA Training Programme is now available online as individual courses, here on our website.

Adapted from the virtual conferences, the core training materials are available anytime, to anyone. Designed to raise awareness and support those with neuromuscular conditions, experienced and new alike can benefit from the variety of topics explored including; nutrition, supporting parents with NMCs, and common emergencies.

Are you a PA yourself, a carer, or a professional who works with individuals with muscle-weakening conditions? These courses may enhance your current role for both you and your employer, or help you stand out in upcoming applications.

Our goal is to upscale the workforce and raise awareness, so whether you work or live with NMCs or not at all, these courses are here for you.

More about this programme

The Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance PA training programme is funded by Skills for Care in order to upskill the PA and carer workforce. This is a ground-breaking project which we are proud to be heading up.


What the programme covers

The NMA PA Training Programme core content consists of 13 videos modules in three units covering:

Unit 1: Introduction to neuromuscular conditions & the role of a PA

1.1 General neuromuscular conditions – an introduction to neuromuscular conditions

1.2 Independence and the social model of disability

1.3 Neuromuscular conditions and common emergencies

1.4 Common equipment used by people with neuromuscular conditions


Unit 2: Common aspects of neuromuscular conditions

2.1 Ventilation

2.2 Posture, skin, and positioning

2.3 Swallowing and nutrition

2.4 Physiotherapy and exercise


Unit 3: Being an effective PA

3.1 Working in someone’s home and workplace

3.2 Supporting disabled people as parents

3.3 Respect, intimacy and personal care

3.4 Supporting people with sex and relationships

3.5 Supporting people with their emotional health


This training will be developed by Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance, and each individual video will be combined with quizzes to test understanding and ensure each certification is proudly earned and appropriately conveys the knowledge gained.

Whether accessed via the website or during the live conferences, completion of the course will present participants with a certificate detailing which modules, and their completion date.



The training is being designed and run by people with neuromuscular conditions. It was funded by Skills for Care and run by Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance.

Julian Fiorentini project-led the first stage of production where an advisory board worked with Julian, and a freelance presenter, designing and scripting each module before they were recorded. Each session also features a topic expert and people with neuromuscular conditions to share their lived experiences. 

Now, as we approach the last stage of development Olivia Morgan has taken over the project to manage hiring, recruitment, and organisation of the live conferences in May of 2022