A group of three wheelchair users sit facing the camera, smiling. On the left is a white man with glasses and dark hair, wearing a ventilator and a black, rap-themed T-shirt. In the middle is a white woman with brown hair and glasses, wearing a blue T-shirt and green cardigan. On the right is a white-haired woman with glasses, wearing a flowing white shirt. This is for an article on advice and resources.

Supporting people with neuromuscular conditions

Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance

Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance is a user led charity, run entirely for and by people with muscle-weakening conditions. We provide social and support services, a range of information guides, events and outreach, and campaign on issues that matter to adults living with muscle-weakening conditions.

We Are User-Led

A group of people at a Pathfinders event. There are people in powerchairs engaging in conversation and a female standing at a flipchart.

Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance is run by people with muscle-weakening conditions, for people with muscle-weakening conditions.

To become part of the Pathfinders Team and contribute to the work we do on behalf of the community, see the opportunities available on our Jobs & Volunteering page now, and work to become the change other people with muscle-weakening conditions need in the world.

Jobs and Volunteering

Pathfinders prioritises recruiting people with muscle-weakening conditions, so if you’re looking for work, keep a close eye on our website, and see if anything comes up. As well as regular employment, there are also often freelance roles available.
We also have a range of voluntary opportunities, from consultancy for organisations to social media and outreach, media ambassadors to authors and researchers.