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Advocacy and Support

Pathfinders is here to support people with muscle-weakening conditions. As well as advocacy support, we offer a wide range of advice resources, personal experiences, training for personal assistants/carers and for the people that employ them, and research reports.

Advocacy & Support

Advocacy and Support

We provide advocacy for adults with neuromuscular conditions, working with them to access the services they need to live independent, fulfilling lives, from health and social care, to work and education. If you’re facing difficulties getting access to the services and resources you need, you can contact the Pathfinders advocacy service for support.

Developed by people with muscle-weakening conditions, our free, independent and confidential advocacy service is here to support you in having your voice heard and to give you control over your own lives.

If you are not getting the care and support you need or you don’t agree with decisions that have been made about your life, our advocacy service can support you in challenging these decisions.

As well as providing 1:1 Advocacy Support from someone with lived experience, the other main aims of this service is to support our members in developing their self-advocacy skills and to provide a service that is person-centered.

Our advocacy service is generously funded by the National Lottery Community Fund

Become A Member Today

To access our peer support, advocacy and social opportunities, why not become a Pathfinders member? You can apply online today, and it’ll take less than 10 minutes

If you need help filling out your application, you need it in another format, or have any queries, please email us on info@pathfindersalliance.org.uk

The first time I got to know other people with muscle-weakening conditions, it was through connecting with Pathfinders. After that, I stopped feeling so alone, I had friends, and I had a community

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Support Group

Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance operates an online peer support group on Facebook for adults diagnosed with muscle weakening conditions. It’s a space to talk, connect, get advice, and make friends.