Your life, your way

Pathfinders’ space for young people living with a muscle-weakening condition


UpLift CONNECT provides young people with muscle-weakening conditions a comfortable and understanding environment in which they can express their social side, alongside others who have a similar or the same condition as themselves. CONNECT events are run in both an in person (IRL) and online format and cover a range of interest areas from film & cinema to food & drink. Whether they share the same interest or not, we actively encourage all of our members to attend whenever possible so that we can cultivate a strong and active social group for young people with neuromuscular conditions. 


Sign up for our UpLift INFORM activities which will give you information and skills for the aspects of  life that matter to young people with neuromuscular conditions, enabling you to live your life your way. This will include everything from employing Personal Assistants and living independently to mental health and self-care, from learning to drive or using public transport to accessible holidays and leisure activities! INFORM will happen both online and in-person (IRL). 


UpLift EMPOWER is an opportunity for you to meet our more experienced community members with muscle weakening conditions to ask them your burning questions in a supported setting online. These sessions will help you to develop your questioning skills and broaden your perception of what you thought was possible with a neuromuscular condition. EMPOWER will help you to build positive connections with people in the community, potentially resulting in mutual benefits further down the line.


UpLift ACTION helps you create positive change for people with muscle weakening conditions. Through various activities both online and IRL you will develop many important skills to support you in removing potential barriers. From using social media to contacting your local MP, writing letters to creating content. Creating change the way you want!


Residentials combine INFORM, EMPOWER, ACTION and CONNECT! 3 days of shared experiences with other young people with muscle weakening conditions.


UpLift is run by a steering group of young people like you – do you want to get involved?