Chloe Timms on publishing her first novel

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. As a child I’d fold pieces of paper in half, illustrate the front cover and write stories about my friends and boys I fancied. Writing is a great leveller, and as a disabled child unable to do ballet or play sports like my non-disabled friends, […]


Black and white photo with a solitary tree

Loneliness can be a strange thing. You can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely, sometimes painfully so. Let’s try and explore why this may be the case. I believe that one of the problems may be that people tend to treat being alone the same as being lonely. I don’t think that this […]

Freelance – Tanvi’s Top 5 Tips

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Going freelance just over five years ago was one of the best decisions I made. It can work really well for some people. Balancing lots of spinning plates is a challenge for most. Adding a long term neuromuscular condition into the mix can mean it’s tricky to keep a balance between work, health, relationships and […]

Am I Suffering¿

Grey clouds with the sun bursting through behind

One of the best things about a peer led organisation is that everyone has a voice. Pathfinders Neuromuscular Life is a blog written by members of our community for members of our community. Our blog can be used to share practical tips or personal experiences but it is important to remember they are not necessarily […]

Powerchair Sports – My Powerchair Football Story

Liam Ashton My name is Liam Ashton and I’ve been playing powerchair football for 6 years and power hockey for 10 years at Greenbank Sports Academy in Liverpool. I have DMD, but that doesn’t stop me playing the sports I love.  I was introduced to power football in 2016, when my power hockey coaches, Gerry […]

Zak’s Top Fundraising Tips

As part of our Online Event Project for young people with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance hosted ‘Shut Up & Drive’ an online event all about driving! Included in the event was a feature on off road powerchairs; here are Zak’s tips for funding!

Jen’s Accessible Cruise Top Tips

Lady sat on a powerchair wearing sunglasses in front of a cruise ship with mountains behind

“I enjoy cruising because it really is the easiest way for me to go sightseeing in places I never thought I would ever get to see.”

Pathfinders’ Online Event Project – WE NEED YOU!!

Pathfinders are looking for young people with DMD to be part of a project to put on their own online event!  Do you have a hobby you’d like to share? … or are you passionate about something and you’d like to tell people about it? Do you come along to our events and think you would like […]

Adaptive Air Rifle Shooting – An Interview with Josh Wintersgill

Man wearing red, white and blue sat in a powerchair with a rifle. View from behind.

Air Rifle shooter and entrepreneur, Josh Wintersgill, has his own business and has been shooting for several years. The following interview gives us a brief introduction to the sport of Air Rifle shooting and Easy Travel Seat – a business that Josh built from the ground up! You can find out more about Adaptive Air […]