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Purple goat agency

Purple Goat

Purple Goat are the Specialist Social & Influencer Disability Marketing Agency. 22% of the UK population is made up of people living with a disability, thats more than 14 million people in the UK which, comparatively is a HUGE demographic. Yet just 0.06% of adverts feature disabled people… The community wants to be marketed to, to see relatable adverts and overall to be seen, heard and valued as consumers. We here at Purple Goat are passionate about educating and connecting brands with the $8 trillion global disability market. Nothing about us, without us! Listen to the community and get REAL business results.

NMC design and print website

NMC Design+Print

NMC Design+Print is a bustling not-for-profit organisation. We offer modern and creative graphic design and competitively priced printing services with a range of options and finishes to suit all needs. We are predominantly run and staffed by people with neuromuscular conditions and it is our aim to inspire young people with disabilities to pursue their career goals, be ambitious and creative. The profits that we make go towards the running costs of the NMC, so each order that you place with us directly helps to provide vital physiotherapy, support, advice, training and employment opportunities for people with neuromuscular conditions. Over 25 years of experience has given us a wealth of knowledge that we are happy to share with our customers and NMC students alike.

Emotional Respite

Emotional Respite Disability Counselling Service was founded by Helen Rutherford in 2013. Helen has Spinal Muscular Type II and started practising as a counsellor in 2007. Since then she has gone on to become a clinical supervisor and therapist consultant. This service provides clients with a therapist with lived experience of disability.  A therapist who can show an advanced empathetic understanding to clients who may be impacted by the challenges they face living with a disability. Emotional Respite provides an online accessible service in different mediums promoting accessibility for all.

Four Wheel Drive Productions

Four Wheel Drive Productions is a film production company founded by award-winning documentary filmmaker Stephanie Castelete-Tyrrell. We create films with the aim of helping disabled people get their voices heard on current social subjects. Our films have included and been led by strong disabled people who are trying to educated people on subjects around disability and current issues that are affecting the wider disabled community, ultimately to create social change. At present, Four Wheel Drive offers post-production and script consultancy services, with the aim of becoming a full production company in the future and to give disabled filmmakers opportunities to work in their chosen area.


Toby Mildon is a Diversity & Inclusion Architect and founder of Mildon, a consultancy and advisory business. Toby works with businesses to re-engineer processes and systems to minimise the impact of bias and build a culture of inclusion. Prior to setting up his business, Toby worked as an in-house diversity and inclusion manager at the BBC and Deloitte.

Wildflowers & Pixels

Wildflowers & pixels provides website design & branding for small businesses who want a no-fuss approach to getting online. Claire is a branding & website designer for small creative businesses who crave a personal, no-fuss experience. Partnering with you to help you achieve your objectives and goals through purposeful design and marketing. Utilising 16 years experience working with small businesses and startups wildflowers & pixels will give you the tools to increase sales, generate more leads, improve engagement and give a polished professional look.


Joshua Wintersgill is the Founder and a Director of ableMove Ltd. The ableSling  was an innovative idea sparked by his own difficulties in accessing air travel as a wheelchair user with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It is a discreet in-situ transfer sling for hoists and manual transfers, initially designed to enable disabled people to board aeroplanes with dignity.   Now, ableMove’s products are being used by wheelchair users for so many other purposes in day to day life to assist independent living as well as supporting their travel needs that the business now offers a broad range of lifestyle products from straps to towels that keep your wheelchair dry.

Michael McGrath - Speaker

The first disabled person to have led expeditions to both the North and South Poles. Bespoke virtual keynotes, conference presentations, motivational talks, bite-size webinars and e-learning sessions that push boundaries, are purpose driven, inspire change, influence mindsets, uplift employee morale and motivate teams. Michael’s presentations, be they virtual or face-to-face, are laced with powerful learnings and anecdotes drawn through the lens of his life and lived experiences. He shares compelling lessons and insights from his polar and life achievements that move audiences to reflect and act.

The Muscle Help Foundation

The Muscle Help Foundation is a small, multi-award winning, family-centred national charity delivering life-changing, transformational experiences and programme interventions in the UK for children and young people (8-28yrs) with Muscular Dystrophy. Their mission is to deliver 657 transformational wish-fulfilment experiences called Muscle Dreams, that’s one life-changing, cherished moment-in-time for every muscle in the human body. Their impact continues to be felt by beneficiaries and their families alike who become a part of the charity’s Muscle Warrior tribe.

Jagkaur - website + graphic design

With an eye for design and attention to detail, Jagdeep, better known as Jag, is a freelance web and graphic designer with a strong foundation of experience and skills. Whether you are an individual or small business looking for website and/or graphic design services, get in touch today for professional and cost effective solutions tailored to your needs.