Nippy 4+ ventilator

Advice: Respiratory and Cardiac Care

Managing your breathing, ventilators and heart function

  • Ventilation and Powercuts

    Ventilation and Powercuts

    We are currently updating our resources, but you can download our guide on managing power interruptions when on ventilation here:

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  • DMD Cardiac Care

    DMD Cardiac Care

    For people with DMD, having good cardiac care is crucial. Heart problems are common, but by looking after yourself, staying on top of your medical treatment, and seeking advice where need, you can help your…

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  • COVID-19 Statement and FAQ

    COVID-19 Statement and FAQ

    There has been considerable anxiety amongst people with neuromuscular conditions about the risks of COVID-19. While there have been anecdotal reports of people developing COVID-19 and recovering, any source of respiratory infection is very concerning…

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  • Ventilation: Frequently Asked Questions

    Ventilation: Frequently Asked Questions

    While we’re currently uploading all our advice resources online, take a look at our pdf guide exploring some of the frequently asked questions people have about ventilation here:

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