A group of young people in powerchairs attending a Pathfinders conference. The words "Xbox Adaptive Control" are visible on a screen.

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By coming together as a community, we can connect, share experiences and resources, and work together to change the future for people with muscle-weakening conditions.

What’s On at Pathfinders

Want to find out What’s On at Pathfinders? More information on our events is coming soon – but for now, you can find out what we have coming up by checking our social media below:

Pathfinders Hub

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Join Pathfinders

As an organisation, Pathfinders is led by our members – and we offer all sorts of exclusive benefits, from online peer support spaces to advocacy and advice services and community events. To join Pathfinders, please click the button to apply below:


Pathfinders is always involved in multiple campaigns throughout the year. We used our social media activity to raise awareness of the diverse and varied lives of adults with Duchenne. We invited our members to use the #DMDadultliving hashtag to share their lives with us and change the narrative from tragic depictions of disability to a recognition of the excellent quality of life that is possible with the right care and support.

We are also very involved in other campaigns, working closely with organisations like Transport For All on accessible public transport, the Changing Places Toilet Campaign with Muscular Dystrophy UK, and lots of other local and national campaigns around housing, and access to high-quality care.

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Jobs and Volunteering

Pathfinders prioritises recruiting people with muscle-weakening conditions, so if you’re looking for work, keep a close eye on our website, and see if anything comes up. As well as regular employment, there are also often freelance roles available.
We also have a range of voluntary opportunities, from consultancy for organisations to social media and outreach, media ambassadors to authors and researchers.


Pathfinders’ space for young people living with a muscle-weakening condition. Your life, your way!

UpLift CONNECT provides young people with muscle-weakening conditions a comfortable and understanding environment in which they can express their social side, alongside others who have a similar or the same condition as themselves.

UpLift EMPOWER is an opportunity for you to meet our more experienced community members with muscle weakening conditions to ask them your burning questions in a supported setting online.

UpLift ACTION helps you create positive change for people with muscle weakening conditions. Through various activities both online and IRL you will develop many important skills to support you in removing potential barriers.

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