Sam Cornelius Light – Advocacy Officer and Independent Living Officer (PA Training)

A picture of Sam Cornelius-Light, who runs the Pathfinders Advocacy Service. Sam is a white male smiling at the camera wearing a green t-shirt.

Sam Cornelius-Light is both the Advocacy Officer and the Independent Living Officer (PA Training). Sam lives independently in a bungalow in Bristol with his cat, Barry, and is supported by PAs. He has a First Class Honours degree in Human Geography from the University of the West of England. Sam has worked on a variety of projects with organisations such as Bristol Disability Equality Forum and the West of England Centre for Inclusive Living. He recently made a BBC Radio 4 production around the challenges of finding accessible housing.

Outside of work, Sam has a passion for music from all over the world and loves going to gigs and festivals. He also enjoys travelling and exploring new places in his wheelchair accessible vehicle. His other interests include: gaming, history, reading, films and going on walks in nature.