Sanjeev Mann

Head and shoulders of Sanjeev Mann, a young man with full beard and mustache with short dark hair and black rimmed glasses. Sat in a wheelchair in the garden wearing a red football shirt.

Sanjeev is a content creator typically raising awareness of issues facing disabled people, is an A&R at Imvaizemusicgroup, and is the CCO of Hip Hop Scotland – a platform supporting hip-hop-influenced artists in Scotland and has a passion for supporting underrepresented artists.

In addition, Sanjeev AKA Supermann on da beat is a Scottish disabled South Asian producer & DJ bringing a blend of influences, across genres from hip-hop to metal and pop, to create unique tracks without borders. As someone with a disability, Supermann is proud to show and illustrate that anything is possible, even in a world with a complete under-representation of disabled artists. Sanjeev recently led a vital campaign asking the UK Government to provide funding to make venues fully accessible.