A row of new houses with accessible entrances


  • Buying a Home

    Buying a Home

    Buying a home as someone with a muscle weakening condition is broadly the same process as that for a non-disabled person.

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  • Accessing Council Housing

    Accessing Council Housing

    It is very important that you fully communicate your needs related to your disability when applying for council housing, this includes everything from how much space your equipment takes up, to how your current living…

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  • Adapting When Renting

    Adapting When Renting

    Under the Equality Act 2010, your landlord must make reasonable adjustments when requested to make adaptations so you have suitable access to your home.

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  • Finding Accessible Properties

    Finding Accessible Properties

    If you are looking to buy or privately rent a home, you can visit the website: accessible-property.org which lists some accessible residential properties across England.

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  • Supported Living

    Supported Living

    Supported living accommodation are not care homes, they are designed to help you live as independently as possible, while giving you support that you might not be able to access in your own home.

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  • A guide to entering paid employment

    A guide to entering paid employment

    Applying for a new job can be a long and stressful process for anyone, even more so when you have the myriad of issues associated with having a disability to work around. Fear not, Pathfinders…

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Personal Experiences

One of the strengths of Pathfinders is the wide range of experiences our members have had – and we collect those here for you to find out more about daily life with a muscle-weakening condition.