• Choices: Employment, Volunteering or Leisure?

    Choices: Employment, Volunteering or Leisure?

    People with Neuromuscular conditions are living longer than ever, so thinking hard about how to spend your time is an important part of getting the life you want. Looking for the right kind of job…

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  • Powerchair Football – The Basics

    Powerchair Football – The Basics

    Powerchair Football is a sport that allows wheelchair users with muscle-weakening conditions the opportunity to access the beautiful game. It is an active and competitive team sport for those who use an electric wheelchair. This…

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  • COVID-19 Statement and FAQ

    COVID-19 Statement and FAQ

    There has been considerable anxiety amongst people with neuromuscular conditions about the risks of COVID-19. While there have been anecdotal reports of people developing COVID-19 and recovering, any source of respiratory infection is very concerning…

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  • Transport – Introducing Your Options

    Transport – Introducing Your Options

    Public transport Buses Buses are normally expected to be wheelchair accessible nowadays, although rail replacement buses are not. Local buses can be quite narrow, and the wheelchair space can be quite small, but it should…

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  • An Introduction to Social Care

    An Introduction to Social Care

    Many people with muscle-weakening conditions need support with ‘activities of daily living’ – whether that means getting washed and dressed, going out, or things like physiotherapy and ventilation. For some people, this is provided by…

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  • Living With a Feeding Tube

    Living With a Feeding Tube

    What is a feeding tube? A feeding tube delivers a nutrient feed directly into the stomach or intestine. This allows an adult with a muscle-weakening condition to meet their nutritional needs without chewing or swallowing…

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Personal Experiences

One of the strengths of Pathfinders is the wide range of experiences our members have had – and we collect those here for you to find out more about daily life with a muscle-weakening condition.