Training for Personal Assistants and Carers

of people with neuromuscular conditions

Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance has designed a training programme for carers and personal assistants. This is aimed at people who work with, or want to work with, people with neuromuscular conditions. However, many of the modules will be suitable for carers and personal assistants working with people with other conditions.

These modules are available as videos on each individual page, with a free quiz available to certify completion of the training course.

Training Modules

1.1 – An Introduction to Neuromuscular Conditions
1.2 – Independence and the Social Model of Disability
1.3 – Neuromuscular Conditions and Common Emergencies
1.4 – Common Equipment Used by People with Neuromuscular Conditions

2.1 – Ventilation
2.2 – Posture, Skin and Positioning
2.3 – Swallowing and Nutrition
2.4 – Physiotherapy and Exercise

3.1 – Working in Someone’s Home and Workplace
3.2 – Supporting Disabled People as Parents
3.3 – Respect, Intimacy and Personal Care
3.4 – Supporting People with Sex and Relationships
3.5 – Supporting People with their Emotional Health

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