Welcome to the team Conor!

A warm welcome to Conor, who has joined the Pathfinders team as Payroll & Accounts Officer. A great addition to staff Conor is happy to have joined and this is what he had to say about becoming a staff member. “I’m absolutely delighted to have got the position of Payroll & Accounts Officer for Pathfinders […]

Lewis’s guide to using Autokeys! (Video)

As most of you probably know, making games accessible is a challenge and sometimes comes as large financial set back, atleast £200 for the right setup, all which depends on the person and what they prefer There are multiple things we can do to make games accessible and one main way is to use Auto […]

Rhys Bowler awarded Pathfinders’ first monthly honours!

On 20th January 2021, Rhys Bowler became the first person to be awarded the Pathfinders Monthly Honours Award!  He was given this award for all of his hard work in campaigning to get personal health budgets in Wales and he’s spoken openly on many subjects surrounding disability. And he’s currently in talks with the BBC […]