A set of estate agent boards on a street. This is for an article about housing.

Kate Mellor

  • Private Renting

    Private Renting

    Private renting involves paying a private landlord money – typically every month – to live in a property they own. To find privately rented properties you can look on estate agent’s and property websites and…

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  • Disabled Facilities Grant

    Disabled Facilities Grant

    As a disabled person you are entitled to a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) from the government if you need to make adaptations to your property.

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  • Shared Ownership

    Shared Ownership

    Shared Ownership is a stepping stone for those looking to buy their own home but can’t quite afford to buy on the open market

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  • Getting a Mortgage with a Muscle-Weakening Condition

    Getting a Mortgage with a Muscle-Weakening Condition

    It is completely possible to get a mortgage if you have a neuromuscular condition and on benefits. Under the Equality Act 2010, Mortgage lenders are prohibited from discriminating against you because of any physical or…

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  • Buying a Home

    Buying a Home

    Buying a home as someone with a muscle weakening condition is broadly the same process as that for a non-disabled person.

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  • Accessing Council Housing

    Accessing Council Housing

    It is very important that you fully communicate your needs related to your disability when applying for council housing, this includes everything from how much space your equipment takes up, to how your current living…

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