Finding Accessible Properties

Man in a power wheelchair entering a building via a ramp
Man in a power wheelchair entering a building via a ramp


If you are looking to buy or privately rent a home, you can visit the website: which lists some accessible residential properties across England. 

If you live in Wales, visit this website to find accessible residential properties and more information on accessible houses. 

For information on accessible housing in Northern Ireland visit this website for details on where to find social and private accessible homes and more advice about getting an accessible home in Northern Ireland.

If you’re in Scotland, you can visit the home2fit website where you can, once registered, find accessible residential properties across Scotland. 

Most councils should list where you can find an accessible home in their area if you are looking for social housing. To find your local council, or the local council of the place you want to live, enter your postcode (or a postcode of the area you want to live) in this search box on the government website

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